Shaktimaan Is Back

Shaktimaan is back again to save the world from Kill – Vish Terror. Shaktimaan will back in new avatar by end of this year. Mukesh Khanna, Who played the Shaktimaan role told that in few month he may be able to bring the Shaktimaan back.
First look of Shaktimaan is back released of Youtube. There is no confirmation regarding this video. It is original or not.
You can see the video here.

As everybody knows Shaktimaan is the Indian super hero before superman, batman came. 15 years old hero will come back. This time also he will save the world from the enemy.
If you remember the line of enemy was “Andhera Kayam rahe” Shaktimaan also famoused for the good messages which will come after end of episode. Everybody remember “Sorry Shaktimaan”. This is the part of message show. It gives the message to people regarding some mistakes.

Shaktimaan Whatsapp message :

Raakhi : OH JEJUS !! I think I will start Rakhi ka swayamwar season.
Shaktimaan : Firstly, It’s JESUS. Secondly, GET A Life
Raakhi : Sorry Shaktimaan


James Bond : I am the best actor of 007 series ever.
Shaktimaan : Insan ka ego uske talent to khatam kar deta hai
James Bond : Sorry Shaktimaan

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